Advocating for the Support Your Child Deserves

I provide compassionate guidance and legal representation to parents of children with special needs and help them obtain the services and programming their children are entitled to in order to succeed academically and socially.

Christina (Tina) Fitanides

Special Education Attorney

Tina Fitanides has more than a decade of experience helping families who have children with special needs. She counsels and represents parents as they navigate the special education process with a goal of ensuring students receive the services and supports they are entitled to.  She works with families through all aspects of the team process (including evaluations, initial and ongoing eligibility, IEP development, program and placement disputes, implementation issues) mediation, litigation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals, and settlement negotiation. 

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Tina brings a wealth of experience as both the mother of a teenage son with dyslexia, more than 20 years as an attorney, and nearly 5 years as a Certified Life Coach.  Before starting Fitanides Law, Tina worked as an Associate Attorney at Moor, Perlman, and Gregg (MPG) representing families through all aspects of the special education process.  Prior to MPG, Tina served as a Policy Analyst/Staff Attorney with Massachusetts Advocates for Children’s Disability Education Justice Initiative and Autism Center for nearly a decade.  Tina has also served as a Staff Attorney at the Legal Assistance Corporation of Central MA (now Community Legal Aid) where she worked on family/elder law issues.  

Tina is currently an elected member of the Ashland School Committee, previously participated in the legislative committees for both the Family Law Task Force and the Governor’s Commission on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, and is a former member of the Massachusetts Autism Commission’s subcommittee on services for 3-22-year-old’s.  She also served for many years as a part-time Seasonal Attorney Advisor with Harvard Law School’s Office of Public Interest Advising where she counseled law students interested in pursuing public interest careers and careers in education law.  Tina is also a Certified Life Coach and has had the pleasure of working as a Parent Coach and Special Education Advisor with Brain Fit Academy.

What I Offer:

Case Analysis

With a deep understanding of the laws and regulations related to special education, I can help determine whether or not the programming and placement your child is receiving meets federal and state requirements.

Parent Consultation

I help parents feel empowered to navigate the special education system and manage relationships with their IEP team by understanding their rights, the relevant laws and opportunities for a collaborative approach with the school system.

Advice & Representation

Providing skilled counsel through all stages of the process including evaluations, initial and ongoing eligibility, IEP development, program and placement disputes, and implementation issues, as well as mediation and litigation with the BSEA.

Welcome to my practice.

If you’ve found me, you’re likely worried that your child is not getting the support needed to be successful in school. You also may feel that working with the school district is challenging and overwhelming. I truly understand your struggles and am here to help you find the solutions your child needs to succeed.

As a mom to a teenage child with dyslexia, I have been in your shoes advocating with the IEP team and fighting for services my child required and deserved in order to make progress. I understand firsthand how difficult the process can be as a parent, which is why I am able to be a compassionate support for parents as we work to ensure your student receives the programming and placement they require and are legally entitled to.

As a lawyer who works exclusively as a parent side special education attorney, I have the legal expertise in this area of law and the intricacies of negotiating with school districts. I also understand that depending on your child’s age you’re likely to have a long relationship with the School District, which is why I help you find a balance of positive collaboration and fighting for your child’s needs.

I look forward to helping you find the academic and social success your child deserves.


 – Tina

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